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Adaptive Technologies Inc. is a full-service prosthetic facility.  Our goal is to help you through an extremely difficult time in your life by providing personalized support to your needs.  No two people have the same needs and we will work with you to figure out what your goals and ambitions are and then will determine what treatment plan will work best for you.

Pre-prosthetic counselling is available as well so that you can ask any questions you may have prior to an amputation surgery.


Custom foot orthotics are fabricated in house. Our casting and fabrication methods vary depending on your specific needs.

Our Pedorthist will perform an assessment to determine any alignment and/or gait deviations and will check the feet for any physical issues.  You will then be educated on proper footwear, foot health and a treatment plan will be discussed.

We understand that custom is not always required so we carry a line of quality off-the-shelf foot orthotics as well for everyone from the young to the experienced.


We offer a wide variety of custom made and off the shelf orthotic options for the entire body. Orthotic devices are used to provide support and positioning to a portion of someone’s body. Whether you are looking to improve your quality of life, manage pain, or prevent injury we are here to help you adapt and reach your full potential.

Orthotic devices can benefit people of all ages. Whether you are suffering from pain due to osteoarthritis, poor mobility due to a stroke or nerve injury, or you want to protect yourself from injury during activites we can help.

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Patient-centered care is the belief that guides us in everything that we do at Adaptive Technologies. Every individual comes in with their own challenges and goals. This is why our facility is designed to help individuals overcome their challenges and achieve a higher quality of life.

Our 2700 sq ft. facility located in the south of Lethbridge includes 4 patient rooms, in-house manufacturing facility and state of the art technology to ensure every patient has access to the best orthotic and prosthetic care. We also carry some over-the-counter products in our retail space for those individuals who may not need custom devices or want an appointment.

Prosthetic Room

Our prosthetic room is by far our largest room. Equipped with parallel bars and a stair way. This provides real life scenarios in a safe and secure setting thus building our prosthetic patients confidence.


Our philosophy is to help each individual achieve the best quality of life through custom made orthotic and prosthetic devices. We strive to do the best that we can while working with other health care providers to achieve each individuals maximum potential.